Z&NH #6

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Number Six - ‘Che Vuoi?/What do you want from me?’- focuses on expectations, wants, needs, forlorn desires.

A5, Colour, 32 pages. Comes with free badge! (until we run out)

The Zine features short stories, reviews, images: a curious tale of a man's love for his dog, the tribulations of a castaway with a sand fetish, a call to arms for the idle, hunger strikes, a VHS-bound Olympic superstar and a hell of a lot more!

Interviews: Coate (NZ), Bicycle Sunday (US)

Reviews: Wooderson, Football Etc/Square Business split, Baskin’s Wish

Art/Photos/Aesthetics: Cal Thom, Helen Royds, Edd Colbert, Jay Springett, Adam Headley, Jody Daunton, Mat Herbert, Raymond Wong, Kyle McPartlin.